We know that photo sessions with kids can be quite daunting, here at Magical Garden Portraits we help the children relax and use their imagination to create the magical moments that then create wonderful fine art portraits.

Our magical garden sessions are for children from 6 months to 12 years old.

How the Session Works

These photos are a specialized artwork, creating beautiful memory keepsakes of your child/children. We will need to take photos of your children in certain poses for them to fit seamlessly into our digital art backgrounds, which take many hours to create after the initial photography session. We have a variety of backgrounds available, and we will do as many placements as we can in our sitting time.

We do have some props that we will ask the children to use during the sitting so we can get the best pictures of your child/children we can.

We know that kids love to dress up and use their imaginations and we will play to those strengths whilst photographing your child/children – from reading a magical fairy tale whilst sitting in the middle of a magical fairy land, to watching the fairies play, to sleeping peacefully in a warm nest, to fishing in a magical pond, or even slaying a dragon!

What to Bring?

We provide everything you need for the actual photo shoot, so you only need to bring your child/children.

If your child has a comfort item like a teddy or blanket, please bring it with you to the session just in case they need it.

You may like to bring a brush for your child’s hair.

What Costumes do you Have?

We have a range of dress up costumes suitable for boys and girls for our sessions, so you don’t need to bring any special clothing on the day.

Our range of dress up costumes include fairy dresses, pirate, mermaid, fisherman, princess costumes, dragon slayer and armor that we can dress your child in depending on the theme or background choices.

Do you do Costume Changes?

We are happy to accommodate as many clothing changes during the photography session time as we can cater. We will suggest costumes that will work best with your child and the backgrounds that will work best for your child/children. If you have something specific in mind, please ensure you let us know before the session so we can discuss if we will be able to accommodate your request.

Children with ASD or other Sensitivities Please do let us know ahead of the photography session if your child has sensitivities to certain fabrics or clothing restrictions and we can work together to ensure your child is comfortable during their dress up session.