Single edits

Edits from your own snapshots!

We can turn your snapshots into something magical!
You can have your child or pet edited onto a magical background.
Prices: Children – $50 (for up to 2 Children); Pets – $40 (for up to 2 Pets), and $5 extra per new Pet/Child.
Email me for more details and backgrounds choices (go to Contact page).
I will need your name, and any special requests such as bubbles to be added, birds, butterflies, wings… You will need to send your photos through Google Drive please. The best and most appropriate photo will be chosen by me for single edit.¬†

Payment will be made direct to Magical Garden Business account, this will be emailed to you. File with your single edits will be emailed to you, after you approve the proof I will send you.

Below are tips on taking the photo itself.

magical garden portraits single edits flower fairy

TIPS for single edits:

– Keep your camera as still as possible to avoid blur.
– Dress your Child up in Fairy dresses or any nice clean clothing,
– Take photo against a plain wall (Can still edit without being against a wall however)
– Try and get the best smile you can.


magical garden portraits single edits fairy


magical garden portraits single edits fairy princess


magical garden portraits single edits princess

I will do everything I can to make sure you are thrilled with your purchase and am happy to make any minor changes to the finished product.